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Clarification is required on the theory of the tree and magnets.

When you speak words to another person they either attract or repel. If they are perceived negatively people are repelled and vice versa. A bad application of this is the neg system where when you receive a positive you send a negative to distance yourself from other people.

English: The magnetic field of a bar magnet re...

English: The magnetic field of a bar magnet revealed by iron filings on paper. A sheet of paper is laid on top of a bar magnet and iron filings are sprinkled on it. The needle shaped filings align with their long axis parallel to the magnetic field. They clump together in long strings, showing the direction of the magnetic field lines at each point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A tree requires many resources to grow, but it never takes more than it requires. Everything it does not require is given completely to other trees.

A tree has balanced growth. It does not neglect areas it needs to grow by only growing in one part quickly.

Animals attack trees and other plants both on purpose and accidentally, but they keep growing. Nothing any animal does ever effects them negatively as far as their desire for growth.

Many other examples come to mind. Search for yourself the wisdom of trees. If you would like share them with me or others in anyway.

I apologize for any previous misunderstanding or negativity which you have perceived from my words.

Water Droplets

Water Droplets (Photo credit: Chad Podoski)


1BTC, $500 LTC, 666, 777, Thought, Trees, and Magnets


Trees (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Message: I am giving this money away in order to influence the minds of the most number of people positively that is possible.

Signature for my BTC address 1KLdD4H4UpK5cTD9gY1LjnZENtumAV9pb9 is


Magnets and people can be understood the same way. When a negative word hits a person who contains positive, they will move back a little mentally like 2 magnets.

666 is the number of any person. It represents 3 concepts without 1 as the (1 = positive):

1 Ambiguity (mixing truth with untruths and attaching to words)

2 Mixed desires (for negativity mixed with life)

3 Power as the most important desire(mixed with negativity)

Add pure positivity/life/love as the most important and you get 777 = 1 pure  Love 2 pure Power 3 pure Truth

This is only the beginning of the understanding I have found from nature, especially trees.

Trees are always connected, balanced, complex, beautiful, growing, equal, open, stable, genuine, truthful, moving.

Think like a tree, but know this is only a textbook from nature and a guide for understanding life.

My purpose in Life is Understanding. This is why I share freely, and wish to solve all problems attacking Life. I do everything from and for pure Life and Love.

If you desire Life and Unlimited Potential, separate your concept of body which is moving towards death. Balance your body and mind.

All of this was found by combining positivity and nature. I am happy to answer any questions. If anyone provides a question I cannot answer positively over time, I will transfer 1 BTC to your account(currently in the $1000 USD range).

Share this with everyone you know who desires anything that a tree has. Thank you for your interest, now grow.

Update: Everyone has realized this is an impossible question, but I am still freely giving away this Bitcoin.

This money is freely offered. I offer this to anyone who can tell me how they will use the money positively without negativity according to this system.

Update 2: For anyone interested, The reason the first challenge is impossible is because the question is beyond Infinity and Love is Infinity. The reason I ask is to make sure not a single person in the world would disagree with me, so that everyone may know this is the truth.

To clarify my second offer, the person who can reasonably influence the most other people in the world is the one I will free give only the amount required for the activity up to 1BTC

I also have a third offer: I give up to $500 worth of Litecoin to anyone who desires to give or experience something that a tree does not have.

Direct All questions or comments to markzive@gmail.com or markzive on reddit.

Graphene Lecture Explains how Graphene Works and is Used

Graphene is not the only material that can be constructed in a singe atom plane. Others include fluorographene, graphane, and boron-nitride. By combining these various properties can be engineered including transistors. Carbon is the next natural move from silicon as a semiconductor based on the periodic table. Much cheaper methods of creating graphene now exist and include CVD(chemical vapor deposition), epitaxial growth SiC, liquid phase production, and chemical exfoliation. You will also learn how the properties of graphene make it so unique.

Levitation and Melting Metal with the Hutchison Effect

Tesla Coil Sparks 4KVA with Corona on Wire

Tesla Coil Sparks 4KVA with Corona on Wire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hutchison effect can levitate any material and melt different types of material together as well as other strange effects. It is named after John Hutchison who doesn’t understand and cannot reliably replicate his results(but unreliably he can). With only 75 Watts of power he produces these effects. Intersecting fields between 2 or 3 Tesla coils is the key to this effect, but it might require other fields as well. It only works at specific frequencies. You can find out more in this video and at Wikipedia.