DePalma N Machine and Torsion Experiments

DePalma created an N machine which converts rotation into electric energy by spinning magnets at very high speed producing very high currents. This was also used in a power plant in India. Torsion experiments included results of changes in the speed of plant growth, synchronization of spinning pendulums, gravitational effects, and even an unconventional ball-bearing motor which runs only when turned in the direction spun with high current.


Stars and Galaxies inside a Bulb and Other Experiments

This video is full of experiments run by Peter Lindemann and Eric Dollard. One of these experiments is based on a regular popular plasma ball, but generating confined shapes that resemble stars and galaxies in a burnt out bulb. Other experiments include dielectric field demonstrations, the N-machine, music in sparks, and branch structures cut into wood.

At 1:44:00 you will find the display of star or galaxy shapes formed inside a bulb.

1:26:30 is the branch structure burned into wood and music from sparks.

47:30 the beginning of the N-machine segment.

The very beginning explains dielectricity and magnetism.