Plants React to Physical Contact and Human Intent Confirmed on Mythbusters

An original polygraph machine which is hooked up to a plant to  measures conductivity showed electrical reactions to 2 types of actions. Electronics were kept outside of a shipping container to block EM waves. One action was physical contact by hand or fire extinguisher blast. The other was intent to harm the plant without physical contact. Both showed electrical reaction consistent with a reaction from the plant and other explanations are unknown.

Some applications for these plant reactions could be to detect other living things or for people to interact with their plants. These signals can be frequency shifted to produce sounds as well. In related research, plants grow faster the louder the sound is in their environment and can be put to sleep with ether. Thought has been detected electrically which produces specific magnetic frequencies, so a possible theory is that plants pick up the magnetic currents which our understanding is limited on.


Living Analog Circuits

Living analog circuits have been made out of living cells of bacteria by researchers at MIT. Using just 3 transcription factors as switches, analog computations of addition, multiplication, logarithms, and biochemical models can be performed through gene expression by manipulating DNA. The inputs are chemicals and the outputs can vary but include glowing varying intensities. The purpose is generally not for standard computing, but medical purposes that require small and more complex computations.

By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007. Lambda rep...

By Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2007. Lambda repressor protein bound to a lambda operator DNA sequence. From . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)