Try a PsychoKinesis Experiment

English: Simulation of many identical atoms un...

English: Simulation of many identical atoms undergoing radioactive decay, starting with either four atoms (left) or 400 atoms (right). The number at the top indicates how many half-lives have elapsed. Note the law of large numbers: With more atoms, the overall decay is less random. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You can try and influence a hardware random number generator using a radioactive source with your mind. Results seem to indicate a slight effect although exact conclusions are debated.


A long document about PK from 1987:


Build your own Car in an Hour

Car Factory Assembly Line

Car Factory Assembly Line (Photo credit: TobiasMik · WhatWeDo)

For about $8500 you can have a car kit shipped to you that you can build in an hour. The engine can be electric or hybrid and this is the first 4 wheeler kit you can order online.


Science of Immortality

Google has started the Calico project to work on extending life. Some previous methods to attempt immortality have been cryogenics, digital uploading which is working on, resveratrol found in grape skins, and immortnal worms called planarians. Additionaly, a good diet of reduced carbs or specific fasting techniques can extend life by a protein interaction involving NHR-49, Hsp70, or plasma protein A. Trillions of dollars could be saved by extending life if made inexpensive, or could just extend the lives of the rich if expensive. I believe for now Google plans to help everyone although there may be bad side effects. Here is a video explaining how the immortal worms live forever. The worms regenerate their telomeres in the end of chromosomes after they are cut or regenerate.

Another article on Calico:

Synthetic Membrane for Superior Water Purification

A synthetic membrane based on aquaporin protein pores in cells has been developed at Sandia National Labs. It is formed with a process known as ALD. Salt is filtered at low pressure while letting some minerals through. This membrane performs better than all commercial filters with many additional improvements to come. DNA and CO2 can also be filtered with these membranes.