Strongest Superglue based on Flesh-eating Bacteria

English: Glue

English: Glue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This glue is so strong that the material breaks before the glue. This is very useful for molecular assembly in the bio or nano fields. The protein FbaB from Streptococcus pyogenes, the bacteria, reacts with itself forming loops the amino acids together. Oxford University biochemists designed this glue to build protein like Lego. The glue binds selectively to only certain surfaces that could be chosen. Two types of glue are combined to begin the binding process, SpyCatcher which has more bulk, and SpyTag.


Quantum Entanglement and Measurement Explained

Quantum entanglement is the most primitive form of measurement, and the math is very similar between them. Watch as interference in a two-slit experiment disappears when measurement is taken on them. Quantum entanglement is measurement with only 2 particles involved, while other measurement involves 3 or more and is practically irreversible. In either case, no information can be transmitted once quantum entanglement or measurement has taken place. In the zero universe interpretation of quantum mechanics based on math, the classical universe is not real, but the quantum one with undetermined possibilities is all there is. An interesting demonstration of polarization showing quantum effects is included.

Terminator Polymer – Self-Healing Material

When this organic polymer is cut in half, it will rejoin spontaneously and gain its original strength when placed next to each other for 2 hours. This can be used to increase durability of materials. Imagine the possibilities. This is the first reported discovery of this type and it is also simple and inexpensive. “It is the metathesis reaction of aromatic disulphides, which naturally exchange at room temperature, that causes regeneration.” Basically, this means the chemicals emitted that could be smelled react with nearby compounds to form bonds reforming the polymer.

Aquatop Display – Interactive Water Surface

The Japanese have come up with an immersive interactive display. The screen is projected onto the water and can pick up  hand movement in water like a touch screen. This is useful for monkeys, people who don’t know how to use computers, to add a certain type of touch to the experience, or to make baths more fun.

Generate and Crack Encryption


Crack 128-bit encryption almost instantly on your computer. Generate 32-bit up to 2048-bit keys to generate public and private keys on the mobilefish site. The modulus of the public key is just two large prime numbers multiplied together. By multiplying them on the alpertron site you can test the strength of the key by cracking it in java on your computer. You can also encrypt or decrypt using the keys on the mobilefish site. To multiply very large numbers, check if large numbers are prime, or do other high precision calculations maxima may help.

Try out a quantum computer

Quantum Computer

Quantum Computer (Photo credit: jurvetson)

The University of Bristol has made quantum computers available on-line. Try out the simulator which estimates outputs to understand how it works, and then you can try the actual quantum computer when it is released which will take longer to process the inputs. The settings control the flow of inputs to outputs along the touching wires. Try to figure out how to do multiplication with it.

There are also 2 links for quantum algorithms and concepts for you.

September Update

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