Memristors Combine Storage RAM Transistors and can Build A.I.

Memristors can function as solid-state memory and could replace RAM and hard drives. 100 gigabits has be stored in a square cm. Currently its access time can reach 90 nanoseconds which is 100 times faster than flash memory using 1% the energy. Alternating current can read the stored resistance without changing it.

Artificial intelligence can easily be built using the memristor. Neural networks can be created with them and they can also replace transisters with higher circuit density. In a circuit with an LC network and a memristor, the circuit learns and anticipates pulses similar to slime mold. Analog computers can also be constructed with them. With analog circuit implementations, fuzzy logic can be used to build a learning system. A whole new level of intelligence may emerge from nanowire networks which have the memristor characteristic.

Titanium dioxide memristors change resistance as electric current shifts oxygen vacancies. The wires of the memristor were 50 nm in a 2008 device made by HP.


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