Peltier Generator Using Heat

Electricity can be converted from heat thermoelectrically using a peltier generator. This works by an effect which produces electricity at a junction of two different conductors. Up to 0.6W is produced with temperature differences of 60 degrees. This is very useful for flash lights, watches, chargers or other devices requiring little power which can get power from body heat. This can also be used to cool or heat with applied electricity. It is less efficient than other methods, but it is small, mobile, and has no moving parts.

English: Schmatic of a Peltier device. On top ...

English: Schmatic of a Peltier device. On top and bottom insulating heat spreaders are used and assumed to be connected to heat and cold reservoirs, respectively. They are shown semi-transparent. P- and n-type thermoelectric materials are stacked electrically in series and thermally in parallel. Depending on whether a current source or a resistive device is connected to the electrical connections, this can work as a Peltier element or a thermoelectric generator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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