Memristors Combine Storage RAM Transistors and can Build A.I.

Memristors can function as solid-state memory and could replace RAM and hard drives. 100 gigabits has be stored in a square cm. Currently its access time can reach 90 nanoseconds which is 100 times faster than flash memory using 1% the energy. Alternating current can read the stored resistance without changing it.

Artificial intelligence can easily be built using the memristor. Neural networks can be created with them and they can also replace transisters with higher circuit density. In a circuit with an LC network and a memristor, the circuit learns and anticipates pulses similar to slime mold. Analog computers can also be constructed with them. With analog circuit implementations, fuzzy logic can be used to build a learning system. A whole new level of intelligence may emerge from nanowire networks which have the memristor characteristic.

Titanium dioxide memristors change resistance as electric current shifts oxygen vacancies. The wires of the memristor were 50 nm in a 2008 device made by HP.


Artificial Molecular Machine Manufactures Proteins

The construction of peptides (components of protein) with amino acids is done biologically by ribosomes. An army of 10^18 artificial molecular machines constructed milligrams of a specific peptide simultaneously from amino acids in their path. These machines were designed based on rotaxane which is similar to a ring on an axle. They constructed the peptides from amino acids it picked up from a strand they followed. This is a large step toward nano-scale machines that can create copies of themselves and do more complex stuff.

Original Publication: Sequence-Specific Peptide Synthesis by an Artificial Small-Molecule Machine

English: Illustration of tRNA building peptide...

English: Illustration of tRNA building peptide chain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unified Field Theory Developed by German Professor Meyl

Konstantin Meyl is a German professor who developed a new unified field theory based on the work of Tesla. Meyl’s unified field and particle theory explains quantum and classical physics, mass, gravitation, the constant speed of light, neutrinos,
waves and particles, all explained by vortices. The subatomic particle characteristics are accurately calculated by this model. Well known equations are also derived by the unified equation. He provides a kit replicating one of Tesla’s experiments which
demonstrates the existence of scalar waves. Scalar waves are simply energy vortices in the form of particles. Here is an interview with Konstantin Meyl on his theory and technologies.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

At the antennae of a transmitter in the near field(a fraction of the wavelength), only scalar waves(potential vortex) exist. They decompose into EM in the far field and further. The near field is not described by Maxwell’s equations and the theory is only postulated. It is possible to pick
up only scalar waves from radio transmissions. Receivers which pick up EM waves are actually converting those waves into potential vortices which are conceived as “standing waves.”

The unified field theory describes the electromagnetic, eddy current, potential vortex, and spacial distributions. this combines an extended wave equation with a poisson equation. Maxwell’s equations can be derived as a special case where Gauss’s
law for magnetism is not equal to 0. That means that magnetic charges do exist in Meyl’s theory. That electric and magnetic fields are always generated by motion is the fundamental idea which this equation is derived from. The unipolar generator and
transformer have conflicting theories under standard theories. Meyl splits them into the equations of transformation of the electric and magnetic fields seperately which describes unipolar induction and the equation of convection, relatively.

Meyl says that the field is always first, which generates particles by decay or conversion. Classical physics does not recognize energy particles aka potential vortices so they were not included in the theory. Quantum physics effectively tried to explain
everything with vortices, which is why it is incomplete. The derivation of Schrodinger’s equation from the extended maxwell equations means they are vortices. For example, photons are light as particle vortices and EM light is in wave form which
depends on the detection method which can change the form of light.

Gravitation is from the speed of light difference caused by proximity, which proportial to field strength decreases the distance of everything for the field strength. This causes the spin of the earth or other mass to move quicker farther away from the
greatest other field influence and thus orbit the sun or larger mass. The closest parts of the bodies have smaller distances because of larger total fields and thus slower speeds of light. These fields are generated by closed field lines of vortices and
largely matter. Matter does not move as energy because the speed of light is 0 in the field of the vortex due to infinite field strength within the closed field. The more mass in proximity something has the greater the field strength and the shorter the
distances, which causes larger groups of subatomic particles to individually have smaller sizes.

The total field energy in the universe is exactly 0, but particle and energy forms of vortices divide the energy inside and outside the vortex boundary. When particles are destroyed no energy is released. No energy was produced when large amounts of
matter was destroyed at MIT with accelerated natreum atoms. This is what Tesla predicted but contradicts Einstein’s E=MC^2. Einstein’s equation is correct as long as the number of subatomic particles is only divided, energy comes from mass defect,
not from destruction.

There are kinds of waves. EM which are fields, scalar electric or eddy currents or magnetic vortex which Tesla started with, and magnetic scalar or the potential vortex which Meyl focuses on and is used in nature. EM is fixed at the speed of light at that
specific closed field strength. Scalar vortices can be any speed. Neutrinos travel at 1.6c or higher and do not decay to EM. Tesla type scalar are between c and 1.6c and decay at distances proportial to their speed(used in traditional radio near-field).
Under the speed c, the scalar vortex acts as an electron.

Black holes may produce and emit neutrinos by condensing and transforming matter into massive fast particles with apparently no mass or charge due to their very high frequency of fluctuation. Neutrinos oscillate in mass and charge. When neutrinos
hit matter and have a precise charge or mass they produce one of 3 effects: a gain in mass, a production of EM, or emission of slower neutrinos.

Resonance requires the same frequency, same modulation, and opposite phase angle. Once (scalar)resonance is reached, a direct connection is created from the transmitter to the receiver. Signal and power will pass through a faraday cage.
My notes:
Torsion effects including changes in the speed of time are not directly explained by the model but it may be possible to extend.
This theory seems to have a lot of supporting evidence but some conclusions seem to require more testing or research.
My theory on how a high voltage discharge that’s interrupted produces effects according to Meyl’s theory is that potential vortex energy is formed and then isolated from radiant energy which is also scalar energy in this theory.

More information:

Meyl’s book in english

One of his shorter papers

A similar paper with diagrams

Dimpled Car Gets Better Fuel Efficiency

Like a golf ball, a dimpled car decreases drag by adding turbulence. The result? 11% fuel efficiency at 65mph for 1 mile at full speed. About 16 dimples were used from left to right on the hood. Although this is so simple, only golf balls use this design. Do you think 11% increased efficiency is worth adding dimples to cars, planes, trains, projectiles, and other fast moving objects? There may be other uses for surfaces with gas or fluid flow as well. Feel free to skip through the video.

Effects of Tesla’s Cold Electricity and Radiant Energy in Hairpin Circuit

Tesla’s “hairpin circuit” produces cold electricity using radiant energy. Cold electricity is what Eric Dollard would call a pure dielectric field and is also produced in a properly constructed and tuned Tesla coil. It is constructed with a spark gap or other disruptive/polarizing device and capacitors to the other part of the circuit which is only connected through capacitors. Extremely high voltages and frequencies are perfectly safe to handle in this circuit. The circuit or even loads can be shorted and continue to work. Loads only need to be connected by one wire. Power consumption decreases when a load is applied due to radiant energy. Radiant energy is produced generally by a high voltage capacitive discharge that is interrupted.

The first video is a demonstration of the original circuit using one wire for connecting the load.

The next video demonstrates how this type of electricity is harmless and a solid state design.

The last video is a schematic with an explanation of effects and includes analysis including a scope. Also he explains that current is only moving fast in the load.

The link is more information including Tesla’s original lectures which describes this technology extensively.

DePalma N Machine and Torsion Experiments

DePalma created an N machine which converts rotation into electric energy by spinning magnets at very high speed producing very high currents. This was also used in a power plant in India. Torsion experiments included results of changes in the speed of plant growth, synchronization of spinning pendulums, gravitational effects, and even an unconventional ball-bearing motor which runs only when turned in the direction spun with high current.

Peltier Generator Using Heat

Electricity can be converted from heat thermoelectrically using a peltier generator. This works by an effect which produces electricity at a junction of two different conductors. Up to 0.6W is produced with temperature differences of 60 degrees. This is very useful for flash lights, watches, chargers or other devices requiring little power which can get power from body heat. This can also be used to cool or heat with applied electricity. It is less efficient than other methods, but it is small, mobile, and has no moving parts.

English: Schmatic of a Peltier device. On top ...

English: Schmatic of a Peltier device. On top and bottom insulating heat spreaders are used and assumed to be connected to heat and cold reservoirs, respectively. They are shown semi-transparent. P- and n-type thermoelectric materials are stacked electrically in series and thermally in parallel. Depending on whether a current source or a resistive device is connected to the electrical connections, this can work as a Peltier element or a thermoelectric generator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)