Graphene Uses and What Graphene Can Do

There are many possible graphene uses based on its extraordinary properties. Graphene is flexible, light, transparent, strong(would only break if an elephant jumped on a pencil), hard(“200x harder than steel”), sharp, “super” conductive, and graphene does not corrode. Technology that is being created from graphene includes 3d technology, flexible circuits(that can be printed) and monitors, incredible use as a water filter, solar power, better batteries, super capacitors, and new types of detectors. Graphite oxide is an insulator and can be combined with graphene for many interesting applications. A graphene bilayer could even exhibit bose-einstein condensate properties.

The newest and best method of production is now chemical vapour deposition (CVD) on thin nickel layers. Below are two illustrative videos showing what graphene can do.

Quantum Hydrogen on Graphene

Quantum Hydrogen on Graphene (Photo credit: UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences)


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