Flying Future Cars in the 2020s

Terrafugia is currently developing future flying cars that will cost as much as a high end car. They previously made planes that can fold their wings and drive as well. They are built with carbon-fibre, include a parachute, and someone can learn to drive it in 5 hours. Although this could decrease road congestion, will flying cars make transportation too complex?

English: 's flyable prototype Transition airpl...

English: ‘s flyable prototype Transition airplane, later assigned tail number N302TF, being shown during SciFoo 2008 at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. Just behind the airplane are two of Terrafugia’s founders: Samuel Schweighart (L, red shirt), VP of Engineering; and Carl Dietrich (R, beige shirt), CEO/CTO. FAA Registry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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