Planet Mars Colonizing

Mars One plans for planet Mars colonizing by 2023. There are problems with colonizing Mars, but if the missions over the next few years succeed with life support and other systems, a colony on Mars will begin with 4 people being launched and then more to follow. Living on Mars will include exploration of the planet and growing enough food for everyone to survive.  The technology doesn’t exist to send people back from Mars, so it is a one way trip. Thousands of volunteers are ready for the trip. 8 years of training is required for the candidates. Cameras will be set up so everyone on earth can see what is happening with the mission, like a reality tv show. The funding is coming from sponsors because all eyes from earth is worth a lot.

More details can be found on this Mars One page:

English: Coloniazation of Mars

English: Coloniazation of Mars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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