Graphene Uses and What Graphene Can Do

There are many possible graphene uses based on its extraordinary properties. Graphene is flexible, light, transparent, strong(would only break if an elephant jumped on a pencil), hard(“200x harder than steel”), sharp, “super” conductive, and graphene does not corrode. Technology that is being created from graphene includes 3d technology, flexible circuits(that can be printed) and monitors, incredible use as a water filter, solar power, better batteries, super capacitors, and new types of detectors. Graphite oxide is an insulator and can be combined with graphene for many interesting applications. A graphene bilayer could even exhibit bose-einstein condensate properties.

The newest and best method of production is now chemical vapour deposition (CVD) on thin nickel layers. Below are two illustrative videos showing what graphene can do.

Quantum Hydrogen on Graphene

Quantum Hydrogen on Graphene (Photo credit: UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences)


Earth Expanding Theory?

The earth expanding theory presented in this video has some interesting evidence. Take the interpretation with a grain of salt, but I think plate tectonics may lack evidence. Some of that evidence is how the plates fit together, lower gravity evidence, and age testing of the ocean suggesting new matter as the earth may be getting pushed out.

Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

The vanadium redox flow battery can hold much more energy than a standard battery and is more ecological. A high quality vanadium mine has been found in Nevada and will be used to mass produce these batteries. This will help during peak power production or requirement including longer distances for electric cars or storing energy from other sources such as windmills. The batteries also have a very high life span. Other information can be found in the video.

Crystal Pyramid – Bermuda Triangle

A crystal and underwater pyramid in the Bermuda triangle were found together. The crystal sphere was removed, and a meter measuring possibly magnetic fields was repelled indicating a very strong magnetic or other type of field emanating from the crystal sphere. This is new and unexplained technology and science as far as I know. Here is a clip from the History channel with other details.

Flying Future Cars in the 2020s

Terrafugia is currently developing future flying cars that will cost as much as a high end car. They previously made planes that can fold their wings and drive as well. They are built with carbon-fibre, include a parachute, and someone can learn to drive it in 5 hours. Although this could decrease road congestion, will flying cars make transportation too complex?

English: 's flyable prototype Transition airpl...

English: ‘s flyable prototype Transition airplane, later assigned tail number N302TF, being shown during SciFoo 2008 at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. Just behind the airplane are two of Terrafugia’s founders: Samuel Schweighart (L, red shirt), VP of Engineering; and Carl Dietrich (R, beige shirt), CEO/CTO. FAA Registry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google Glasses Price was $1500 for developers

Google glasses price will probably be lower with its release date next year. Developers and Testers paid $1500 for Google glass. Here is a video update including a demo and features as well as bugs. This technology may replace the iPhone if it catches on. It is voice activated, can Google, e-mail, or record video, among other things.

Interesting Facts About Water: A Documentary

Top secret water is a documentary about unexpected properties and facts about water. If you have not seen it, you will be pleasantly surprised at the potential technology that could use these properties. Those include water memory, healing, water bridges, and even technology that controls humidity without power.